tell your story to them...

Video is now an important part of our daily lives, they catch your attention everywhere. The power of including this medium in your marketing campaign should never be underestimated. Using our knowledge of animation and video production we can create exclusive content to tell your story.  

 It can be an advert for a product, a motion graphic presentation, a logo animation, or a video to show who you are.  


These days all the businesses experience high level of competition. So you have a question - How to stand out among others? How to present my product or service in a way that a customer will not get bored after reading a long article 'why to choose you' and switch to next one?

So you have a lot of information to give your customers and all this information is valuable and cannot be cut. 

But have you asked yourself how you’re going to get that information over to your customers in a most interesting way they will not forget?

So here we are - motion graphics creators, the most effective way to communicate information to easy digest and hard to forget.


Daily we have lots of information passed by, outside on the billboards and shops, in tube, in restaurants, at home while watching TV, in gym, everywhere. So by having so much information around we are unable to memorise all what we see through the day.

Here comes the powerful tool for your business to stand out - videos with use of animated infographics, or we can shoot footage of your working day, meeting your customers, doing services… and then overlay the video with informative and entertaining motion graphics that would show people how reliable you are and what your products or services are like.

We do not remember facts anymore, but we remember stories - so share your story with people. 


In recent years online advertising has evolved to include video. Even on Facebook and Instagram you can now use video for the adverts to target your audience.

Consumers are turning to video search to find the 'product of their dreams'  rather than traditional web search. 

By creating very short, very impactful animations or video ads, you can cut through the noise of other advertisers and deliver your message to a brand new audience in a way they cannot fail to remember you, your products, your services, your story... 

 A TV commercial, in-store video advert, social media video, or any type of advertising video is what has the most impact and what attract the right customers.