Social media marketing = communicating and engaging with your audience. Our campaigns focus on developing relationships with real people and taking them on a journey with your brand.

Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc, provide an excellent platform to build real and lasting relationships with the people that matter most to you. We work closely with your brand to develop a social media strategy for connecting with your audience effectively. It starts with gaining a complete understanding of your brand, your products and services and your target audience. We get a feel for who you are and who you are reaching out to. Then we establish the most appropriate visual parameters, tone of voice and vocabulary to connect you to your customers.



    Social media content mainly made of a punch with visuals. Cutting edge animation and bespoke graphics boosts engagement, reach and leads. Our design team delivers world class social media creatives that catch the eye and deliver results.

    It takes a lot more than clever tweets, simple updates and blog posts to win attention these days. The internet is becoming saturated with content that is unoriginal. Whatever your brand is, people are only going to take notice of content that is eye-catching, unique, creative and informative.

    The digital world is changing at an incredible pace so it is important to not only to keep with the pace but to anticipate trends before they take place. This allows us to quickly deliver social media designs that capitalise on real time trends to better connect your brand with your audience.

    Our creative team are experts with words, pictures, animation and video. They combine their skills to produce world class social media design that gets results.



    We all know what was trending on Instagram in 2017. So, let’s get to the real question here: What Instagram trends can we expect to see in 2018? Check it out below and let us know if we've missed anything in the comments.

    We hope you aren’t sick of vlogging. Because the popularity of producing video content is expected to rise in 2018. And especially so with Instagram. So, what can you expect to see? Refined Instagram stories and better video content, that's for sure. In fact, the prevalence of Instagram stories will only continue to increase.

    Speaking of video, video content will be on the rise in the months to come. In 2018, we will see more influencers vlogging. Also, enter a new technique, known as “Sandwiching”. Some big name brands are utilizing this method in an attempt to outsmart the elusive Instagram algorithm.

    For example, say you’re an influencer looking to increase the engagement of a particular post. You could try “sandwiching” this post on your Instagram, in between two posts you know your followers will enjoy and interact with (like a contest-related post, giveaway, etc.). Theoretically the post in the middle will be “boosted”, by having a post on each side of it with high engagement.



    We do customised "multiple links" on Instagram to as many as you want other platforms, that can be others socials, whats app, blogs articles, website, etc. How it works is fairly straightforward.

    You tell us what you would like to connect, your preferences in colours or style, and we will design it for you. Once you approve it, you’ll receive a single link to place in your Instagram bio.

    Linking service is only $5.00 per month (you pay only for 6 months, after that it’s free) or $29.00 only one payment for lifetime.

    Your Benefits:

    ➕You got your unique custom design, that can be done as you like.

    ➕While lots of others will charge you monthly for as long as you use it, we charge only for first 6 months.

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