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Kseniya DE VIVO

Hi. My name is Kseniya, I’m a designer. I create visual concepts, amplifying my soul to each line drawn.

”Feel it all. Explore it all. Be so much more. Search for yourself. Find the road to free yourself. Do not allow others to make your path for you.”


My design is probably consequence of the answers to myself. Who are you. Why are you here. Years ago, being a child and stirring vibrant colours to discover a new tint, I knew it will lead me to something more thrilling, mind-blowing, inspiring. My background is engineering, I studied at The Mining University in St.Petersburg. But I was always in search for something deeper, more abstract, beyond the bounds of math formulas. Later, in London Academy of Arts I caught on that it wasn’t about making something look good, but creating an emotional response that meant more than just a pretty picture. Afterwards, I was in partnership with several London based interior design companies offering them a bespoke graphic design that lately brought me to deliver my design worldwide from USA across Europe to Russia.


Tatiana KRASH

A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

"They said ‘Tatyana’ means ‘Fairy princess’. So, people call me ‘Web fairy princess’. "


What means to be a web designer with a soul? With passion for art and technology that transpires through your works? It gives my designs to be often vibrant and sleek, stylish and timeless, and definitely do not shy away from modern devices. I believe that my intuitive skills consistently produce concepts for clients that artfully and efficiently reflect their ideas.

I am collaborating with variety of business across the world building solid and sustainable websites in time and for them to be proud of.



”To stretch our brains, we should seek out the unusual. So I do. Mihai.”


I take walks in hidden suburbs, department stores, churches and forgotten parks. When you’re walking without purpose but walking, you see things freshly, as you have the luxury of being in the present.  Talk to weird people. I still remember random chats with strangers from ages ago, and how they shaped me into what I am now – Digital Marketer. I’ve been performing analysis on websites, monitoring social media accounts, led execution of strategic planning, increasing visits by 80% applying organic SEO, administered marketing and advertisement campaigns, improved brand awareness for various business in London.




Daily we work with a network of freelancers who are high quality and trusted to deliver excellent work to our clients. Our belief is freelancing is the future of this business, because different clients need different experts and it is hard to have a specialist with that state of mind for each client. We are artists, designers, philosophers, writers, marketers, explorers, friends and much more. We are passionate about partnering with open minded people and organisations to produce unique high quality work to make this world better together.